As a certified Pilates reformer, chair, ladder barrel and cadillac instructor, it has been a pleasure to motivate people towards meeting and pushing their fitness goals. My desire to keep my skills razor sharp made me work towards becoming the only ‘The Pole Studio’ Certified Pole Fitness Instructor in India, the only Certified ‘Boogie Bounce’ Master Instructor in India, a licensed EMS instructor and a certified Barre Instructor.

My quest for pushing the boundaries was further enhanced by my athletic training and background. Being a sports aficionado, I’ve played squash at national and international level, and football at state level in India, in addition to various show jumping and equestrian competitions. Having graduated in economics and completed my masters’ degree in sport management from Loughborough University, I set off on my own path. Intrigued by the magic of scuba diving, I worked on becoming a certified scuba diver, and have studied the transformative potential of scuba diving as a subject in my course.


Through my journey, I have had the honour of training some of the best-known names in the country, to be featured in various publications, and to be a part of brand campaigns such as the Nike Unstoppable Women campaign.

In 2015, I decided to author the book, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit, as a means to inspire people to take the first few steps off the couch, towards a more active lifestyle. All those hours of labour bore fruit when I was recognised as the ELLE Beauty Awards Fitness Expert Of The Year 2017 and the Vogue Beauty Awards Fitness Expert Of The Year 2017.

Aside from being a Trainer

As a trained classical singer and dancer since childhood, I turn to music and singing to wash away the stresses of the day. This year, I took my passion for fusing music with working out to the next level with the launch of my music video, ‘Flow’. In keeping with the theme, the music reminds you to relax, let go and breathe. Since movement and breath have always been an extremely important part of my journey, the lyrics and beats harmoniously express the rhythmic fluidity of life.

However, I remain convinced that my bucket list is nowhere close to completion. What does the year ahead hold for me? Scaling up my teaching programs, taking my studio to new cities, working on my own YouTube channel and blogging regularly. Hop on and join me for the ride!