Busted: 3 Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

If you’ve ever been at a party, you’ve likely played the popular party game, two truths and a lie. News flash: a major chunk of the supposed fitness facts on the internet follow the same premise, which is to say that they have a 50:50 chance of actually being accurate. Here are the myths that you definitely don’t want to fall for, and the real facts behind them.

Myth: If you aren’t sore the next day, your workout was not hard enough

Fact: No, the two aren’t necessarily related. I don’t believe being sore should be an indicator of a good workout. If you are feeling sore after working out, it is because a significant amount of pressure is applied to a specific musclle, and the muscle might have some micro tears(which is normal). It is just as possible to have a productive session without walking out with achy, protesting muscles. It could mean your body is adapting and getting stronger. In fact, certain measures can help cut down on post-workout soreness and fatigue. 

For encouraging the recovery process, it is advisable to refuel within the first half hour of your workout and to stay hydrated through the day. A healthy sleep pattern can further help your body rebuild, recover and chase away any residual soreness the next day. 

Myth: You should do static stretches before you work out 

Fact: Conventional fitness demands stretching before the actual act of working to avoid injury. However, the real proponent for reduced risk of injury is ensuring adequate blood flow to the muscles and an increase in body heat. Dynamic forms of warm-up are a better alternative. Instead of standing still or holding a stretch, movement increases mobility and elasticity of muscles. Warm up the entire body while focusing on the muscles you are more likely to use dring your workout session. 

Myth: Working on abdominal muscles will get you flat abs

Fact: If you’ve been clocking in hundreds of crunches to get the washboard abs of your dreams, but still haven’t seen the results that you desire, it might be time to reconsider your strategy. Crunches by themselves cannot lead to defined abs. There are various factors that need to be considered when aiming for those perfect abs, these include ones diet and nutrition plan as well as fitness regime. You may need to add cardiovascular exercises as well as work the rest of the body to get a more balanced and developed look.