“Life is too important to be taken seriously.”
– Oscar Wilde

When I am not at the studio, this is what I am upto

Scuba Diving

Sometimes I feel I was meant to be a mermaid! When I dive I feel complete, I feel at peace with myself, I feel one with nature, one with the world. Each dive has something new to offer and something new to learn. It is magical. As a certified Scuba Diver, I have explored the underwater world of Maldives, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Greece, Egypt, Komodo, Raja Ampat and more.

Horse Riding

Horses are beautiful, magnificient, gentle and graceful. I am lucky to be able to spend time with these amazing beings. It was, incidentally, a fall off a horse at the age of 15 that ushered in my journey to Pilates for recovery and physical health. Today, I make time in my weekly schedule to take my favourite horse for a ride at least twice or thrice, and am eyeing the possibility of taking up show jumping again.


The sport that I really took to and wanted play competitively, squash holds a special place in my heart. I’ve played the sport at the national and international level, and even represented my university in UK. Squash now makes its way to my to-do list at least once a week, as nothing quite beats the exhilaration of a game well played.


Needless to say, I have always been a fan of learning new things and my innate curiosity led me to learning multiple dance forms. I have learned and performed belly dancing, contemporary, and street jazz, and competitively danced bachata and salsa in UK. Twice a week, you’ll find me in some dance class giving into the rhythm on the dance floor.


Music forms a crucial cornerstone of my fitness evolution, and the roots go back in time to my childhood when I trained as a classical Indian singer. I am currently practising Western and Indian singing by training with a teacher twice a week, and practising through the week to perfect my notes. I gave reign to my creativity with my first-ever music video, ‘Flow’ and hope to release more original songs in the future.

Water Sports

My love for water and sports perfectly come together with the wide, expansive world of water sports. I’ve tried and enjoy multiple water sports including kayaking, surfing, water skiing and wake boarding.

If I were to ever pen an autobiography, it would be headlined by my love for sports, adventure activities and travel. Nothing can quite top the fascination of travelling and discovering new cultures, traditions and styles — my love for languages has me currently learning Spanish. Gracias, for being along with me on this journey, and here’s raising a toast to all the adventures yet to come.