The Lazy Girl’s Guide to being fit – an excerpt

Exercising not only means going to the gym and lifting weights, there is lot more that you can do. You can do some exercises at home or even other fun activities that burn calories and help you get fit.

It is important to find something that you enjoy, something that interests you—there is always that one regime that will work best for you. Keep trying new things until you find something you enjoy and then stick to it. You can even do different activities every day or every week. For instance, you can join a dance class, play a sport, the next day work out at home and, sometimes, just go to your local park or promenade and walk. This will keep things interesting, and getting bored will be out of the question.

Let me list out a few critical reasons you should exercise:

Weight loss: Most people’s primary motivation to exercise is to lose weight. Many a time, the only reason people want to exercise is to lose weight and look slim and fit. Although, in my personal opinion, this is not the only reason you should exercise, it is an important one nonetheless. It is not only about the way you look with the increased weight—this is only a matter of perception— but it is the problems and health hazards that additional weight carries with it. Exercising can prevent weight gain. When you exercise you burn calories and therefore lose weight.

Improves mood and helps to de-stress: Exercise and you will feel good. Exercising helps you relax and takes your mind off stressful things. It also makes you feel great about yourself. Due to the release of endorphins, exercising helps you feel positive. I assure you that once you start exercising regularly, you will start feeling much better and will be happier with yourself.

Energizes: Exercising will give you an ample amount of energy. You will start feeling more energized throughout your day. Since exercise increases muscle strength and endurance, you will have more energy to take you throughthe day’s activities. It also makes your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Improves health: In general, exercising will make you a healthier person. It improves your sleep, keeps your weight in check and, can, among other things, help prevent arthritis, depression and strokes.

Exercising is actually fun: Contrary to what most people think exercising is not boring. Going to the gym is not the only way to exercise. You can find an activity that interests you, as now there are various options available. And even if you do start going to the gym, you can make it fun there, too. Exercising is addictive, and it is a good addiction to have. Start doing it and see the results—you won’t want to stop.

Helps you sleep better: Exercising will help you get better sleep. You will be able to sleep faster and deeper. Just ensure you do not exercise too close to your bedtime, as it is counter-productive and energize you.

Helps reduce anxiety: Doing some moderate-to-high- intensity exercises can help you calm down.

Helps get more done: Due to the energy and freshness that exercising gives you, you will be able to focus more and get more work done. Studies have shown that working people who exercise tend to be more productive than those who don’t. Now that you know some of the most basic benefits of exercising, you should want to reap those benefits and start your regime today! Especially because it is not too hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it is definitely not time- consuming.

So what are you waiting for? Get on it NOW!

The above text has been taken from the book ‘The Lazy Girls Guide to Being Fit’.